Welcome to Primo Alterations & Dry Cleaning, your premier destination for precision tailoring services specializing in Law Enforcement & Military attire. At Primo, we understand the unique requirements of those who serve and protect. Our expert tailors bring a wealth of experience to ensure your uniforms and gear are not just fitted, but tailored to perfection.

Our Law Enforcement & Military Tailoring services encompass a meticulous attention to detail, providing alterations that enhance both comfort and functionality. Whether you need uniform adjustments, custom fittings, or specialized alterations for tactical gear, our skilled team is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of our heroes in uniform.

Primo Alterations & Dry Cleaning takes pride in delivering impeccable results, ensuring your attire reflects the same level of precision and commitment that you bring to your duty. Trust us with your Law Enforcement & Military tailoring needs, and experience the difference that craftsmanship and attention to detail can make.

Discover the excellence of Primo Alterations & Dry Cleaning – where precision meets professionalism for those who serve with pride.

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