The Primo Dry Cleaning plant is a GreenEarth* plant.

It's a clean you can feel good about.


Almost any item can be safely cleaned with the GreenEarth process:

Beads, sequins and other trims

•Ornamentation made of plastic, metal or glass

•Faux fur trims on sleeves and bodices

•Vinyl, rubber, elastic, acetate, triacetate, polyurethane & silk

•Mixed construction of fibers and components

•Vibrant colors and graphic prints

•Antique and museum quality pieces 

The GreenEarth* process has...

>No Hazardous Chemicals!

>No Perchloroethylene!

>No Petroleum! there is No risk to the Air, Water, Soil or You!

GreenEarth® is Petroleum-Free & Regulation-Free

The Primo Dry Cleaning plant uses the GreenEarth® process to clean with pure liquid silicone. In essence it’s liquefied sand.  GreenEarth's® silicone is clear, odorless and gentle. The same natural sand the earth has been creating for over six billion years.


The GreenEarth® process is so safe, the EPA doesn’t regulate it and neither does OSHA, RCRA or CERCLA.


Beware of "Organic Hydrocarbon" dry cleaning methods.

Hydrocarbon is sometimes marketed as "organic”.  Hydrocarbon is also petroleum-based and the 2nd most common type of solvent used in dry cleaning.


Most dry cleaners (about 80%) use a synthetic chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent known as perc (perchloroethylene).  California has recently banned the use of perc; other states have proposed similar legislation.


Actually any matter with a chain of carbon can be labeled as organic, but that doesn’t mean it's chemical-free or environmentally friendly. Even gasoline can be labeled as organic, but you wouldn’t want to wash clothes in gasoline.


Breathe easy

Hydrocarbon solvents are classified as volatile air contaminants (VOCs), meaning they can vaporize into the atmosphere and contribute to smog and global warming.

We DO NOT use any "Hydrocarbons" to clean your clothes...

...It’s good for the clothes you wear & for the air you breathe!

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